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contemporary figure painting, figure drawing, nude female painting, figurative art
Ink, Oil, Etched surface on Clayboard
contemporary figure painting, figurative art, figure art
Oil, Graphite
Art drawing of contemporary figure art
Graphite and mixed color media on archival clayboard
40 x 30”
Oil on Clayboard
16 x 20"
Graphite on archival clayboard
12”x 16”
drawing of woman's face, contemporary figure drawing, portrait drawing, figurative art, contemporary figure art
Graphite on Clayboard
Graphite on Fabriano paper, mounted
39 x 27"
Portrait, figure art, drawings, mother and child portraits, mother and child art
Graphite and watercolor wash on archival clayboard
12 x 9”
 children's portraits,contemporary art, figure art, drawings, drawings of children
Graphite on Fabriano paper, mounted
24 x 18"
Portrait, figure art, woman lying on pillow
Graphite, ink, acrylic on paper
8 x 11”
figure art, native american church art
Oil paint and graphite on archival clayboard
36 x 36"
Graphite on paper, mounted
24 x 18”
figure art, angel art, contemporary figure art
Watercolor, pencil on archival clayboard
24 x 18"
Sumi ink, acrylic, archival clayboard
8”x 10”