Sara Honeycutt - New Gallery Studio

Sara Honeycutt

Drawing • Etching • Painting • Mixed Media

"It is said that we are created in God's image, which is likely why drawing the human figure fills me up, like bright clear water.

Lines of the female figure remain a first love as these recent drawings explore the qualities and movement of light illuminating the figure on copper surfaces. Our relationship to that light and movement through us - the goings-on of the spiritual story at hand - is explored in each series."

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Maui, Hawaii
575.779.7657 phone

Represented by Viewpoints Gallery
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3620 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii
808.572.5979 phone

Maui, Hawaii
2021 Celebration of Hawai'i 2021, Viewpoints Gallery
2020 Through the Eyes of the Artists, Viewpoints
2020 Celebration of Hawai'i 2020, Viewpoints Gallery
2019 Art Maui 2019, Annual, Schaefer Gallery
2019 Maui Open Studio 2019
2019 Celebration of Hawai'i 2019, Viewpoints Gallery
2018 Summer Hawaiian Style, Viewpoints Gallery
2018 Art Maui 2018, Annual, Schaefer Gallery
2017 Art Maui 2017, Annual, Schaefer Gallery
2017 10 x 10: Kaluanui Centennial

Taos, NM
2008-2015 Owner, manager, exhibiting artist of New Gallery; Taos, NM:
A fine art gallery showcase for Sara Honeycutt
and other fine artists in downtown Taos, NM
2008-2015 New Gallery Annual Art Exhibits
2015 Hot Off the Press, Printmakers’ Exhibit
2006-2015 Taos Fall Arts Festival, Taos Select and Taos Open Exhibits
2014 People’s Choice Award, Taos Fall Arts Festival, Taos Open
2008-2014 Millicent Rogers Museum Miniatures Show
2009 Taos News Tempo cover story and review of New Gallery
2009 Taos Artists Organization Studio Tour
2007-2008 UNM Annual Printmaking Show

Los Angeles, CA
2000-2001 Art shows, art installations, organizing music and alternative
art and performance events

Miami, FL
Los Angeles, CA
Taos, NM
Sarasota, FL
1991-2015 Freelance Illustrator for books, music albums, publications
Harper Collins Publishing; international distribution
Bear & Company Publishing
Hampton Roads Publishing
Sube, Inc.
Riksharaj Music
Variety of magazines, newspapers, publications

BFA Fine Arts - Illustration and Printmaking,
Ringling School of Art & Design

Ph 575.779.7657